Labspace hits in Sydney.

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After a successful 6 months in Melbourne, Labspace has opened it’s doors 1 August in Sydney as an Apple Authorised Training Centre.  The picture shows a typical workstation set up for course attendees.

It is more than a class room. We simulate a typical work environment with carefully planned layouts to make the the client comfortable.

Between every two 27″ iMacs, is a 1920×1080 LED for clients to follow the instructor. Great for when you are doing colour grading, video compression test and participants iMacs can easily be shared with the rest. Experience dual display setups with different Creative applications.

Added to this, each lab has the latest Samsung 28″ UHD 4K monitor when dealing with 4K workflows, pictured on the right. Yes you are correct – the instructor is using a 17″ MBP with SSD and 16 Gb RAM.

Whether you are doing a video or an audio course, a camera like the Blackmagic Cinema, is on hand to gain practical experience with skills like mic techniques or video RAW files and grading them.

This week we are running our first course in our new space. Final Cut Pro X Professional Post Production and over the weekend a bespoke Audio 101 course on Location Sound and Post Production Audio.

Labspace SYD 2 Imac Setup

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