Premiere Pro Upgrade Warning

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If you upgrade to Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 it will remove SpeedGrade Integration and has no backward compatibility.

If you don’t use SpeedGrade, no worries.

Adobe Latest Update Released

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Check out what is new in the Creative Cloud latest Updates.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 08.44.16

Clink on this link What’s New – Adobe CC Latest Release


Adobe native support for Quicktime on Windows

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Adobe has announced that they have fast tracked native support for Quicktime files on Windows machines.  Read this info from David McGavran – Adobe

Apple releases FCPX 10.2.3 Upgrade

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FCPX 10.2.3

Released by Apple on Feb 4 2016, this free upgrade brings two significant upgrades in my opinion.

First, the ability to assign and video and audio effect as the default in the Effects Browser. in the same way we do for a transition in the Transitions Browser.

This is great for my client I was training this week. He always adds a Gain Audio Filter onto his Voice Over guide tracks. Now once he has finished recording his voice guide track, holds down the Option plus Command modifier keys and hits E key. Job done!

In version 10.2.2 the Edit drop down menu looks like this.
FCPX 10_2_3 Update Edit menu before

With FCPX being shipped with the Cross Dissolve Transition set as default and if you hold down the command modifier key and hit T key, a Cross Dissolve will be placed on the selected clip/clips or edit point.

Similarly, hold down the control modifier key and hit T key, a Basic Title will be connected to your timeline at the playhead, or if the skimmer is on, at the Skimmer position.

Hold down the control and shift modifier keys and hit T key, a Basic Lower Third will be connected to your timeline at the playhead, or if the skimmer is on, at the skimmer position.

Now in 10.2.3

FCPX 10_2_2 Update Edit menu afer

Transition Default is Cross Dissolve.

Video Effects Default is Colour Correction. Hold down the Option modifier key and hit E key

Audio Effects Default is EQ. Hold down the Option plus Command modifier keys and hit E key.

How to change a Default

Easy! Right click on any Transition or Effect and the click Make Default blah blah.

FCPX 10_2_3 Default Audio Effect

Second significant feature.

It is good news for the Broadcaster, Content Creator and Post-Production facilities running FCPX off a SAN. We all know how the SSD radically sped up our booting and through put whilst editing. FCPX has increased the loading speed of the Library from a SAN.

As always, backup before you upgrade. Once upgraded, set up your favourite Transition, Video and Audio Effect as your Default.

Happy Editing.

Short of Christmas gift ideas?

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Labspace has just launched it’s Gift Voucher option.

To quote Gandhi “Live like you will die tomorrow. Learn like you will live for ever”.

With software like Adobe’s Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X and Motion 5, Maxon’s Cinema4D and the Foundry’s Nuke and Modo which are continuing to get deeper and deeper, keeping up to date is important.

Labspace’s basic and advanced module courses offer the best option of learning a software. Many clients who have done courses at Labspace say that they are getting frustrated and confused with the online options available.

All Labspace’s instructor led courses are people with many years of industry experience and add value to the course. We don’t read out a book.

Options are available from $50 to %550 in $50 increments or buy a full course.

Friends club together and pool your money to buy at the much needed course as a gift. All vouchers have a 15% discount built in.