C4D Modelling

Cinema 4D Advanced Modelling – 2 Day Course

Everyone and their dog are using Cinema 4D now – do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Maxon CharacterThis course is for you IF
• You’ve been using Cinema 4D for a while but still frustrated with the modelling tools

• You’ve watched every Greyscale Gorilla tutorial and drained YouTube dry over the last couple of months but still want more INSIGHT to do your own thing.

In this extremely practical course we will take you through the entire modelling workflow using every method possible in C4D.
Labspace BOOK NOW BNE 50Labspace BOOK NOW MEL 75BOOK NOW SYD FCPXBy the end of the 2 days, you’ll be able to create your own realistic models using Cinema 4D either from existing 2D images or “freeform” from your own imagination.

You’ll also be able to adjust other 3rd party models to match your exact requirements.

How it works..

This course is VERY hands on !! We’ll be creating a complete interior scene from scratch, together as a group. Whilst there is still scope for personal expression, the focus is on using a real world project to apply what we learn.

Think of this like a fully interactive live tutorial, but unlike online videos we can all interact and help each other solve real world modelling issues.

Because of this extended interaction we are limiting the numbers of attendees considerably.

BONUS: As a complement to advanced modelling we also cover how to get the best from texturing your models with BodyPaint, which comes free with every version of C4D

This level of modelling training is not available anywhere else either online, a course or as a workshop. Remember space is VERY limited due to the nature of the course so book early.

Subjects Covered Include:
• Modelling From 2D images
• Advanced spline based modelling
• Comprehensive applications of the sub division generators (formerly NURBS)
• COMPLETE run through all the polygon modelling tools
• Optimising models for the best topography
• Polygon considerations when modelling using Primitive objects
• Modelling with deformers and mograph
• Intro to Sculpting
• Strategies for Animating Models
• BONUS body paint essentials mini course to texture your models

Prerequisites :

A basic knowledge of Cinema 4D is needed for this course.

If you have done the 3 Day Certification Course – this is the best foundation to Masterring Cinema 4D

If you’ve already been on one of our courses, then no need to worry, you’re definitely ready !!

If you’re self taught then you should be fine, but get in contact before enrolling just to make sure you get the best out of the course.

Course tutor Andy Day is the only Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Lead trainer currently teaching in Australia or New Zealand.

Maxon Official Website

All Labspace Cinema 4D courses are delivered by Maxon Certified Instructor, Andy Day and Maxon training partner Handy Training Online.

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