Cinema 4D Architectural and Visualisation

Visualization of “Blickpunkt Giessen” in the Zurich canton of Meilen.
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The Architectural Visualization course covers basic techniques and tools used in this field. The course content contains valuable know-how for optimizing workflow for bringing visions to life.

CINEMA 4D offers numerous possibilities that are difficult to discover if self-taught. This training conveys expert know-how and helps course participants create impressive visualizations for their clients faster and easier than before.

This course is perfect for those using Archicad and want to extend Cinerender in their workflow.

Pre-requisites: No previous skills required.
Each Participant will receive 4x 1 hour Essentails Online Tutorials prior to the start of the course.

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Day 1
• Going through the Essentials of C4D and brining you up to speed.

Day 2 and 3:
• Import and optimization of CAD projects
• Combining projects
• Grouping textures and objects using layers
• Composition
• Composition helpers
• Camera settings
• Tilt Shift
• Camera calibration
• Basic lighting techniques for indoor and outdoor scenes
• Global Illumination
• Render optimization using GI saturation strength
• Render optimization using color mapping
• Enhanced lighting techniques for indoor and outdoor scenes
• HDR lighting with sIBL
• Lighting situations (cloudy / sunny)
• GI lights
• IES lights
• Differences between GI modes
• GI portals
• Standard renderer and Physical Renderer
• Texture optimization
• Layer shader
• Reflection and mirroring
• Fresnel and IOR shaders
• Bump and Normal maps
• Important attributes for Light objects
• Creating and assigning textures
• Procedural textures
• Displacement mapping
• Replacing textures
• Advanced texture mapping
• UV mapping
• Avoiding texture distortion
• CINEMA 4D Content Browser
• Landscape architecture projects
• Creating grass using the Hair feature
• Creating realistic-looking grass with MoGraph
• Dispersion and growth restriction for plants with MoGraph
• Random color dispersion with MoGraph
• Special modeling and animation techniques
• MoGraph and Spline Wrap
• MoGraph & Dynamics (lighting methods by Franceska Rogers)
• Using Cloth
• Creating Textile floor coverings using the Hair feature
• Post processing
• Multi-Pass layers
• Photoshop: Masks and gradients
• Useful third-party plugins and products

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Course tutor Andy Day is Maxon’s beta tester and Certified Cinema 4D Lead trainer who has over 15 years experience teaching this deep software.

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