Cinema 4D Certification

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Cinema 4D is a 3D modelling, animation and rendering application, used increasingly widely in the Broadcast Industry in the creation of animated graphics.

This three-day course offers a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to CINEMA 4D basics, which lets you quickly and easily get started with CINEMA 4D.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner in the field of 3D visualisation and animation or if you’re switching from another product to CINEMA 4D, the MAXON Certified BASIC Training lets you get up and running in a short time and will show you how to use CINEMA 4D effectively to bring your imagination to life.

All workflows and techniques needed to get started with CINEMA 4D are discussed and demonstrated in this course.

• Introduction to working in 3D space
• Import and Export functions
• Program layout and navigation
• Project preparation and basic settings
• Basic parametric shapes (primitives)
• Working with polygonal objects, Spline and NURBS objects
• Modeling tools and modeling objects
• HyperNURBS Modeling
• Deformers
• Simple particles and modifiers
• The material system
• How to use shaders
• Scene objects
• Lighting
• Creating environments
• Camera simulation
• Animation basics
• Render settings
• Optimizing scenes and settings

Instructional content is based on extensive teaching experience by numerous CINEMA 4D trainers and recognised authors.

Prerequisite Previous 3D experience is helpful but not required.

Possible certification MAXON BASIC CERTIFICATE

Labspace BOOK NOW BNE 50Labspace BOOK NOW MEL 75BOOK NOW SYD FCPXAll Labspace’s Cinema 4D courses are delivered by Maxon Certified Instructor, Andy Day

and Maxon training partner Handy Training Online.

Latest list of all Labspace’s published courses.

Labspace BOOK NOW Full List BNE 50Labspace BOOK NOW Full List MEL 50Labspace BOOK NOW Full List SYD 50


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