FCPX iMac Plane

XOver Course: FCP X  for FCP 7, Avid, Premier Pro and all other NLE Editors.

Increase your skills set by attending a Labspace’s XOver course.  These cross over courses are not for beginners but for experienced editors wanting to increase their versatility in today’s highly competitive post production market.  


Apple’s release of FCP Ten-dot-one has taken FCP X to the next level. Final Cut Pro X will allow you to work faster than ever with it’s new breakthrough application. A rebuilt 64-bit multicore architecture; rich metadata support; a collection of tools for automatic and manual organisation; and increased control over editing, audio sweetening, motion graphics creation, colour grading, and delivery. 




Any experienced FCP 7, Avid, Premier Pro, Vegas and other Professional NLE editors or shooter/editors. Working 4K?  This course is definitely for you. 





Getting Started 

Overview Layout and Multi Screen
Library, Events, Projects
Source Media, and Render Files Interface


Camera Archive
Archive and Production drives
Importing from File-Based Cameras
Importing from FireWire Cameras and Decks
Importing Files SD, HD, Raw, Images


Column View and the Inspector
Bins and Keyword Collections
Subclips and Range-Based Keywords Ranges
Custom Metadata


Tracks and Secondary Storylines
Complex Projects and Compound Clips Primary Video and Audio Sync
Basic Editing Functions
Placing Video and Audio Separately
Insert vs. Overwrite Mode and the Position Tool Ripple, Roll, Slip, and Slide Edits
Three-Point Edits
Multicam Editing

Color Grading
Color Adjustments with the Color Board
Secondary Color Grading

Titles and Effects 

Titles Effects Transitions Using Keyframes
Motion 5 After Effects

Audio Editing

Audio Fades and Key framing
Highlighting and Muting Groups of Audio Clips
Advanced Multichannel Editing
Exporting Audio Stems, project XML
Logic Pro X, Pro Tools


Master File
Sharing – Social Media
Compressor Settings and Send to Compressor

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