InDesign Essentials

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Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard publishing application for print publications, interactive PDF documents, digital magazines, and EPUBs.

Use Indesign to create and publish a broad range of content for print, Web, and for tablet apps.

You can create simple Flyers, Banners, business cards or complex multi-page layouts quickly and efficiently with precise control.

This two day Adobe authorised introductory course is designed to give you a comprehensive working knowledge of Adobe InDesign.

InDesign Essentials 2 Day Course. $660.00 (Early Bird $595.00) pp GST inclusive
DATES SydneyBOOK NOW SydneyDATES MelbourneBOOK NOW Melbourne

Pre-Course Requirements:

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

Course Outline
The InDesign Workspace

• Workspace overview • InDesign preferences • The Control Panel • Setting tool defaults • Using shortcuts • Zooming and Navigation • Saving your Workspace

Creating a new document

• Document presets • Selecting Intent for print, web • Setting Margins & Columns • Bleed & Slug • Screen Mode

Working with FRAMES

• Understanding the Frame Tools • Creating Graphics frame • Create Text frames • Using the control panel • Fill Colour & Stroke • Transforming, Scaling, Rotating Objects • Placing & resizing Graphics • Using the Align panel • Working with the Gap tool • Grouping and ungrouping • Transparency & Blending settings

Working with TEXT

• Creating text • Selecting and editing text • Placing text from MS Word & other Applications • Finding missing fonts • Text Control Panel • Text Flow • Aligning text within a frame • Spellcheck • Character & Paragraph level formatting • Copy & paste using the eyedropper tool • Tracking & Kerning • Working with Tabs • Applying text Wrap

Working with STYLES

• Character and paragraph styles • Creating Character styles • Editing and Updating styles • Creating and applying object styles • Saving Styles

Working with GRAPHICS

• Placing graphics into InDesign • Wrapping text around images • Fitting Images inside Frames • Links Panel • Smart guides and smart spacing • The Effects panel • Creating gradients • Setting up an Object library

Understanding colour

• Adding Colours to the swatches panel • Applying colours to objects • Working with Gradients • Spot and process colours • Using stroke and fill options • Creating tint Swatches • Sampling colours from images

Multi-page documents

• Using the Pages panel • Targeting pages and spreads • Creating Master Pages • Arranging & Deleting Master Pages • Auto-numbering pages • Numbering and Section options

Exporting and printing

• Check document using Live PreFlight • Exporting a Print document • Export PDF options • Export for email • Package your document • Anticipating potential problems

Course Cost $660.00 (Early Bird $595.00) pp Course fee includes Adobe’s Classroom in a Book (Digital Copy) and course materials.

InDesign Essentials 2 Day Course
DATES SydneyBOOK NOW SydneyDATES MelbourneBOOK NOW Melbourne

Tea, coffee, Filtered water and biscuits are available throughout the day and lunch at one of our favourites spots around Circular Quay.


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