Premiere Pro Power User Course

CIB Studio Techniques Front Cover graphicThis advanced course will extend the experienced Premiere Pro editors’ grip on the connected applications that surround Premiere Pro in the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Exploring in depth practical real world techniques and direct links with After Effects, Speedgrade, Audition, and Prelude, this course can act as a guide for deploying workflow strategies for individuals and groups and blueprint category outlines for power users of Premiere Pro CC.
This course provides advanced techniques for editing, colour grading, compositing and effects, professional audio, script technologies and exporting inside the hub of Premiere Pro CC
The platform for this training, delivered by Adobe Certified Instructor Chris Wyatt, is the 2014 training workbook Adobe Premiere Pro Studio Techniques which each participant will receive and is augmented by material specific to workflows in edit preparation, audio, colour grading and compositing.
A practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows as well as the equivalent experience detailed in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 101 course is highly recommended for all attendees.

Premiere Pro Power User 2 Day Course. $595.00 pp GST inclusive
DATES SydneyBOOK NOW SydneyDATES MelbourneBOOK NOW Melbourne
Course Outline
Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
Format Agnostic 
Transcode Is a Dirty Word 
Mercury Engine
Creative Cloud
System Design
Overview of a Workflow 
Order of Learning
Setup and Organizing
Optimized Setup
Interface Nuances
Media Setup Outside of Adobe Premiere Pro 
Project Setup
Suite Relations
Media Setup Summary
Speech and Script Technologies
Editing Techniques
Editing Essentials 
Timeline Finesse
Basic Trimming
Advanced Timeline Editing 
Advanced Workflows 
Multi-camera Editing
Professional Audio
Listening Environment 
Gain and Levels 
Timeline Interface 
Mixing Sound
Mixers and Submixes 
Audio FX
Adobe Audition
Advanced Compositing and Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro Effects Processing 
Fixed and Standard Effects
Animating Effects
One Effect Multiple Approaches 
Saving Effect Presets
The Warp Stabilizer 
Using the Title Designer 
Keying and Compositing 
Opacity Blend Modes 
Dynamic Link
Color Correction
Plan Your Time Wisely
Goals of Color Correction 
Understanding Light
Colour Correction Interface Setup 
Process: What to Do First? 
Fundamental Color Correction Effects 
Common Primary Corrections 
Common Secondary Corrections 
Practical Shot Matching
Saving and Reusing Effects
Legalising Video
Direct Link with Adobe SpeedGrade 
Minimalist Adobe SpeedGrade
Exporting Strategies
Understanding Architectures and Codecs 
Getting Output Right
Common Outputs
The Export Media Dialog Box
Final Output
h.264 Distribution Outputs
Smart Compression Tips 
Outputting a Still Frame
Queue Button
Adobe Media Encoder
Mastering Presets and Settings 
Automating Adobe Media Encoder
Workflow Management
Protect Your Assets 
Organizing for Post 
Postproduction Planning 
Exporting Media 
Archiving a Project
Course Cost $595.00 pp GST inclusive

Course fees include digital book, Editor’s Guide to Premiere Pro 2nd Edition by Rich Harrington, course materials and lunch at one of our favourite places around Circular Quay.
Tea, Coffee, filtered water and biscuits will be supplied throughout the day. 
Hard copy of book may be requested but we like saving trees.

Premiere Pro Power User 2 Day Course. $595.00 pp GST inclusive
DATES SydneyBOOK NOW SydneyDATES MelbourneBOOK NOW Melbourne

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