Premiere Pro 250 Introduction

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This Adobe Authorised course teaches experienced editors how to navigate Adobe Premiere Pro and helps give them insights on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro within the Creative Cloud workflow.  

Working on supplied up to date Macs, the course is hands on and designed for creative’s who are making the transition to Premiere Pro from another nonlinear editing platform,

Your fee includes course material and the official Premiere Pro 250 book, Editor’s Guide to Premiere Pro 2nd Edition by Rich Harrington.

Please keep in mind, Adobe Premiere Pro 250 is a skills conversion course, meant to bring editors accustomed to other NLE’s up to speed on Premiere Pro.

COURSE COST $595.00 pp

Premiere Pro 250 2 Day Course
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 Adobe Workflow

• Meet Adobe Premiere Pro

• Arranging Frame and Panels Onscreen

• Creative Suite Production Premium/Creative Cloud

• Editing Workflow

• Operating System Requirements (64-bit)


Configuring Your Nonlinear Editor

• Notable Preferences

• Keyboard Shortcuts

• Customising Source/Program Buttons

• Mercury Playback Engine Performance

• Monitoring and Capture Solutions


Essential Editing Skills

• Using the Source Monitor

• Navigating the Timeline

• Using Markers

• Essential Editing Commands


Setting Up a Project

• Using the New Project Panel

• Creating a Sequence

• Modifying an Existing Project’s Settings

• Importing Existing Projects


Organizing Media

• Understanding the Project Panel

• Working with Bins

• Customising Bin and Clip Views

• Searching for Clips

• Using Subclips

• Get Organized with Metadata

• Organizing Clips with Speech Analysis


Additional Editing Skills

• Four-Point Editing

• Retiming Clips

• Replacing Clips

• Timesaving Editing Techniques


Timeline Operations

• Selecting Clips

• Moving Clips

• Extracting and Deleting Segments

• Adding Transitions


The Power is in the Trim

• Basic Trimming

• Rippling Edits

• Rolling Edits

• Trimming in the Program Monitor

• Making Split Edits

• Slipping Edits

• Sliding Edits

• Maintaining (and Breaking) Sync


Audio Mixing and Repair

• Setting Up the Interface to Work with Audio

• Adjusting Audio Levels on a Sequence

• Using the Audio Mixers

• Routing with Adaptive Tracks

• Using Audio Effects

• Working with Adobe Audition


Colour Correction

• Using Video Scopes

• Primary Color Corrections

• Secondary Color Corrections

• Using Adobe SpeedGrade in CS6 and CC_2014

• Using After Effects and Photoshop for Correction


Essential Effects

• The Effects Workflow

• Applying Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

• Applying Effects in After Effects

• Understanding Keyframes

• Selected Effects


Creating Titles

• Video Typography Essentials

• Using Adobe Premiere Pro’s Titler

• Advanced Titling with Photoshop

• Animated Titles with Adobe After Effects


Acquiring & Managing Media

• Importing Files into Adobe Premiere Pro

• Tape-Based Workflows

• Tapeless Workflows

• Supported File Types

• Modifying Clips

• An Introduction to Dynamic Link

• Practical Media Management


Publishing Your Video

• Exporting a Digital Master

• Meet Adobe Media Encoder

• Creating Flash Content

• Creating H.264 Content for Devices and Web Delivery

• Publishing to DVD and Blu-ray

• Exporting Additional File Types

Premiere Pro 250 2 Day Course. $595.00 pp GST inclusive
DATES SydneyBOOK NOW SydneyDATES MelbourneBOOK NOW Melbourne

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