Premiere Pro XOver

XOver Premier Pro Course for FCP 7 and Avid Editors.
Increase your skills set by attending a Labspace’s XOver course. This XO course is not for beginners but for experienced editors wanting to increase their versatility in today’s highly competitive post production market.

Adobe’s industry leading video editing software can give you speed, accuracy and the freedom to edit using the native file format of your footage. Get the core skills of capturing, editing, adding visual effects and transitions, audio mixing, titling and exporting.


Freelance editors who currently work on FCP or Avid and turn down work as they are not comfortable with Premier Pro.
Avid or FCP Editors in the broadcast and post production environment who’s employers will be switching to or have switched to Adobe.




Launching Premiere Pro CC & Creating Projects
Project Settings, Save Locations, Mercury Playback, Scratch Disks
Exploring the Premiere Pro CC Interface
Customising Your Workspace – Resize and Dock/Undock Panels, Maximise Panels Using Keyboard shortcuts and Understanding Preferences


Importing video, audio and still-image assets
Using the Media Browser and Hover Scrub Organising Projects
Using the Source and Program Monitors
Creating Sequences and making Sequence Presets Marking Clips and Making Overwrite and Insert Edits Four-Point Editing and Track Targeting

Changing Audio Levels and using Audio Clip Mixer
Moving Clips Around The Timeline
Working with Linked Clips
Ripple Deleting Clips and Gaps; Lift and Extract Copying and Pasting Clips, Ripple Trims, Rolling Trims


Adding & Adjusting Video Transitions
Working with Real Time Effects and Rendering
Working with Fixed Effects
Adjusting Effects
Speed changes
Applying Keyframes
Colour Correction with Three-Way Colour Corrector, Lumetri Looks


Key framing Clip Levels
Adjusting Clip Gain and Applying Normalisation
Applying Audio Effects to Clips (like EQ, Limiters, Compression) Using the Audio Clip Mixer
Using Track Keyframes
Working with the Audio Track Mixer
Applying Effects to Tracks


Creating Titles, Working with Stills
Using Automate To Sequence
Overview of dynamic linking to After Effects for advanced animated titles

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